Visit the Sliversmith Brewing Company

Sliversmith Brewing Company

The industry of craft brewers started to build 20 years ago. At that time, not many people thought craft brewers would survive. Instead they thrived. People got excited about them. People started looking for things that are different in beers, not just global brands. Consumers wanted something with more distinction, more character, more of a story behind it that separates it from other products. Well, I found a new one and its home is here in Virgil.


Niagara Region’s Country Fresh Cleaning Services

Come home to a sparkling clean house after a long day with the help of Country Fresh Cleaning Services. Specializing in homeowners, Veterans Affairs clients, and homes with pets and smokers, Country Fresh can provide a variety of customized cleaning packages.

Country Fresh Cleaning

They offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services. Their janitorial work is offered seven days a week. Let their professional bonded and insured cleaners help you free up your afternoon. Don’t spend your day off cleaning. Instead spend it running errands, shopping, visiting family, or simply relaxing. Leave the mess to them.

Only the safest, cleaning products are used during their cleaning and janitorial services. They understand that you want to keep your family protected. Both from germs and bacteria, and also from harsh chemicals. At Country Fresh Cleaning Services, all their products are environmentally safe. They use only Murphy oil soap or mild soap known as Hertel .


Forum Antiques Gallery: Selling Things…What You Should Know

Forum Antiques Gallery

I get questions daily from people with items to sell, be it one or an entire estate, about value, how best to sell and avoid rip-offs.

Let me give you some food for thought. In a house, the most valuable thing is the house. In most homes the “second hand” value of the content is worth less than $5,000. Why? Because items you purchase for your use or decoration do not add value. They are like a car losing value the day you drive it off the lot.


HorseWorld Emporium: A Multi-Discipline Tack Shop

Horseworld online

I met with Breck Foerstner, the owner of HorseWorld Emporium in St. Catharines. His fascinating background in business and farming explains his love for horses and why he purchased the HorseWorld Emporium in the mid 1980’s. He did so, to share his wealth of knowledge with the horse world and also to continue his own love for the animal. HorseWorld is a full service tack shop, offering old fashioned service to a local and international clientele.