Publisher’s Note (Niagara Falls Edition August – September 2012)

It is no secret to anyone living in Canada that Thanksgiving is October 8th and that the main message behind this holiday is being thankful, even if it’s only being thankful for the one-size-fits-all pants that enable one to appease grandma and eat another serving of mashed potatoes without having to covertly undo any buttons.

In the real world we are taught that it’s not just about being thankful on Thanksgiving, but to consistently have “an attitude of gratitude”. One of the greatest ways to attract more of what we want is to be thankful for what we already have.

The Thanksgiving holiday has its roots in the first Thanksgiving celebrations, when there were harvest festivals thanking God for plentiful crops. It reminds us of the year 1621 when the Pilgrim’s started Thanksgiving, which later became a tradition in North America.

Even in modern times people love to follow the Thanksgiving traditions. The most significant Thanksgiving customs are spending time with family and friends, and the Thanksgiving dinner.

That is why I wish to take this moment to thank my family, friends, readers and advertisers. The Silver Journal is a labour of love and I am thankful for your support. I was fearful a year ago when I started with my St. Catharines edition. Not surprisingly, most people waited to see if The Silver Journal would blossom into a great product. There were not that many advertisers at the start but my persistence has paid off. I know I have a loyal group of advertisers supporting The Silver Journal. To them I am grateful. It is that support that prompted me to start the Niagara Falls edition. Thank you.

Mary Susan Staton

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